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3-D design - Design: Interior and decoration.
Softward: ligthwave.
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Product Design - Product: Horseriding Boot's.

USERS: Beginners horseman.

OBJECTIVE: Design of boots according to technical specifications.

PROBLEM: According with the boots existing for horseriding, it is not suitable for people want to begin practice this sport, because it is heavy, hard and it cause hurts to the foots by its materials, airtight and design.
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3D Design - Design: Interior and Custome Design.
Software: LightWave.
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P.O.P - Stands and Advertisign.
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Medical products. - Design: Hipotherapy Mount.
USERS: Children ages between 3 and 12 years old.
Problem: this kind of therapy has not any solution or equipment for the activity. For this reason it need to develop solutions according to the exercises and needs of the therapy.

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