Knight Abbey - The Knight Abbey Project involved the designing of a 14,000 square foot printing company in Biloxi, Ms. The project was divided up into teams for the programming and interviewing of the clients, while the actual space planning was done individually. The project was finally presented to the architectural firm at the conclusion of the semester. The project included a furniture plan, reflected ceiling plan, detailed raised flooring plan indicating power,communications, and underfloor air.
Knight Abbey - TeCrete Access Flooring is the perfect choice of flooring for commercial institutions because it offers unlimited flexibility, great acoustical qualities, and is extremely sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. It is a raised floor panel system that combines the strength of steel and concrete to provide convenient access to underground electrical, and HVAC systems allowing one to freely rearrange their environment within minutes by simply removing one panel.
Mayfield Kitchen - Mayfield Kitchen is an entirely hand drafted project that used NKBA Standards and was designed to reflect the style of the location and owners of the home. A large amount of time and detail went into the drawing and presentation of this kitchen. All of the equipment, cabinetry, and fixtures are of the highest quality to make for a well planned and aesthetically pleasing space.
Mayfield Kitchen - Drafted elevations and floorplans
Piji's Cottage - Piji's Cottage was a plan devised to take place of FEMA trailers that were being used after Hurricane Katrina. These cottages were meant to be a breath of fresh air and hope to those who lost their homes during the storm. Our job was to design a cottage for our clients that lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, keeping in mind the style and influences of the area.
Piji's Cottage
Hotel Rosa Alba - Hotel Rosa Alba was a project in which we designed a lifestyle hotel to be located in a turn of the century warehouse in the Arts District of New Orleans, LA. The first floor includes multiple lobbies, offices, a restaurant and cocktail lounge, two specialty shops, a news stand and public restrooms. In addition, two design options for the guest rooms were also provided, one being accessible.
Hotel Rosa Alba - Locating and searching for specific places
in Hotel Rosa Alba is easy and stress free due to Take Forms easy to follow and attractive signage throughout the space. This wayfinding board shows how and where places are labeled in this commercial project. The signage was created and tested using a contrast calculator which makes sure the colors chosen for the signage have enough contrast percentage to make it easily visible for all who view it, including those with limited vision.
Hotel Rosa Alba - Persil, which means parsley in French, is the name for the French and Creole fine dining restaurant in Rosa Alba. The herb was the inspiration for the green hues used in the restaurant's decor, and the food which incorporates fresh herbs and Creole spices in all of its dishes. Hints of dazzling silvers and chocolate browns give a warm, yet seductive feel to this charming and intimate space.
Hotel Rosa Alba - Iris is a flower that stands for friendship, and the Iris lounge is a space meant to feel warm, welcoming, and whimsical to all who come to celebrate. The rich purples captured in the flower are the inspiration for the hues of violets, blacks, silvers, and whites that give a rich feel to the space. The circular motif seen throughout from the furniture to the lighting give a sense of movement and flow to this exciting and sophisticated cocktail lounge.
Hotel Rosa Alba - There are two designs for the guest rooms at Hotel Rosa Alba, one for the Accessible rooms and one for the King rooms. The Accessible rooms have two double beds and have a cool color scheme of blues and creams. The King rooms have one King size bed, a separate seating area with a built in bar, and a warm color scheme of
oranges and tans.
Hotel Rosa Alba - Orchid Spa, inspired by the Orchid flower known for beauty, has a calming yet stylish atmosphere with hues of pink and purple accents that adorn crisp whites, creams, and blacks. Many textures were used to pamper and give a sense of depth to this lavish and trendy spa.
Historic Condo - The historic condo was a two week schematic project in which a color and city were selected to design the space around. A historic space was chosen and then renovated into residential lofts. This project was done by hand and contained a complete set of construction documents as well as furniture and sample specifications. The city that this project takes place in is Los Angeles, CA and the color is pink.
Historic Condo
NKBA Kitchen - This Arts and Crafts kitchen was entered into the National Kitchen and Bath Association Design Competition. The clients, Cory and Alexis Springer, wanted to renovate their 1910 kitchen into a Craftsman style space keeping with the feel of their historic home while having the updates and amenities of today's modern kitchens.
NKBA Kitchen - The project consisted of a specification, mechanical, and demo plan, along with elevations all done using AutoCAD Architecture.
Dental Project
Dental Project - The Dental Project was a Evidence Based project, which is the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible design outcomes. Research was done on codes, materials, and even color therapy to help aid in the design process. This project was done entirely by hand in a short time span to show quick schematic drawings and how the thought process evolved into a finalized commercial space.
Writing Center - The Writing Center project was a chance for showcasing rendering abilities through various versions of this perspective in a clean line drawing, a gray scale rendering, and a full color rendering. The floorplan also gave a chance to show materials that had been chosen for the space.
Art and Design - All of the projects displayed here were completed in art, sculpture, drawing, and computer software classes throughout majoring in Interior Design.

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