Marisa has loved books since she was small, and always had an inkling that this was were where she would let her creativity shine. She graduated college and went straight into a design job at a traditional publishing house in 2001, and has worked full-time independently since 2008. Today, she works fluidly with both traditional publishing houses, self-publishing authors, and other creative agencies. Beyond her skill with sophisticated visual design, her greatest assets are a hard-to-beat work ethic and a love for large, complex projects. She communicates clearly from contract to finish and always meets or beats schedules—and expectations. She truly cares about her clients, and goes the extra mile to ensure they are thrilled and excited to present their printed book to the world. As an added benefit, Marisa has a proofreader's eye; she reads all manuscripts as she formats the copy, catching and correcting errors, and making note of awkwardly written or confusing sentences that the author and/or editor may have overlooked. This is not a substitute for professional editing, of course, but an extra level of attention that she gives freely, and a skill that many designers lack. "We had a wonderful experience with Marisa. She is an artist and what she creates is not just a book, it is a work of art in its own right – the look, the feel, the sense of the book as a visual object, all combine to create a result that is attractive and memorable just for the style in which it is produced." —David R. Maidment, Hussein M. Alharthy Centennial Chair in Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin "As a first time author/publisher, I needed a designer who had good experience and was dependable. Marisa was a perfect fit. She set a schedule and met it. She kept me informed and presented options and she did all the work within the agreed budget. Proof of her excellent work and approach is that with my second edition there was no hesitation in engaging Marisa without looking for alternatives." —Hal Shelton author of Amazon best seller "The Secrets of Writing a Successful Business Plan", Summit Valley Press "I had a very specific book design I was looking for and to be delivered within a pretty tight timeframe—Marisa nailed both. She was very professional, gave great feedback, and delivered better than I expected. I was impressed with the work she did. And I continue to be impressed with the follow-up work she's done. I highly recommend her." —John G. McCarthy, Financial Advisor, Speaker, Author • PERFECT POSITION COLLEGE SOLUTION™


2000 Student Addy Award

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