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  • Victor Marka Quinonez


    Cambridge, MA

My name is Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez I'm known as an artist with a rich history in graffiti, street culture, and design. I believe that design is a creative expression wholly powerful, impactful, and progressive if guided by genuine purpose. The "purpose" is what's most important and that's to engage with an audience in order to achieve a dialogue. My approach for design-- whether product or graphic driven-- is similar to my process creating art. Both start with passion, discovery, and building a narrative. My passion comes from the streets, not merely studying it but living it as well. It's a way of life. Creating fashion products like footwear, accessories, and graphics reflects my purpose for engaging an audience in a dialogue on cultural authenticity driven by self-expression. My personal work can be seen at www.marka27.com Instagram @marka_27

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  • Apparel Design

Work History

  • Senior Footwear and Graphic Designer

    I am currently designing footwear and graphics for North America and Global specialty accounts.
    My designs have successfully sold through out the world. I focus on new innovative product and strategic story telling for
    a youthful consumer with a daring spirit.


  • Ars Sutoria

    • Further Education Non Degree Footwear
    • 2012 - 2012

    Greater understanding of the processes of production of different types of shoe constructions and deeper knowledge of the materials used in each stage of the process. An opportunity to refocus the experience and progress in a job that requires the ability to thoroughly analyze the product and interact with professional engineers from the overseas manufacturing of sample rooms and factories.

  • School of the Museum of Fine Art

    • Bachelor Design / Fine Arts
    • 1999 - 2003

    SMFA has been educating artists since its founding in 1876. The School was conceived at the same time as the Museum itself, as the crucial second part of a mission to educate through the arts. SMFA was intended to be a school of art; not simply a technical institute, but a school of the most rigorous ideas and concepts. Since its founding, the School's faculty, administration and curriculum have been dynamically engaged in questions of education in general, and art education in particular. There are other art schools, but they are not like us. The SMFA program was designed by artists, for artists. It puts you, the artist, at the center. You will be encouraged here. You will be pushed. To take risks. To work in a medium you've never tried before. But you won't be told what to do. You will work with the faculty to develop your own voice, your own point of view; which is why our students, our graduates, go on to define new directions in the arts. Many are pioneers in their field. Others create entirely new fields. The education you receive here will prepare you for a world that is constantly changing and constantly placing very high demands on its participants. The Museum School is a challenging place; it is designed to be that way. But in the end, it is an experience that will be profoundly rewarding. And that is what a really good education is all about.



SMFA Alumni , Ars Sutoria


Remis Award Stephen D. Payne Award