Quokka Sports: GE Moments - The idea behind GE Moments was to seamlessly blend Quokka's style of storytelling with sponsorship messaging for NBCOlympics.com. In this case, the feature told the stories of four employees who were former olympians. This was all done in tables (c. 2000), before CSS was widely supported.

Design, HTML
Quokka Sports: Globalstar Sponsorship Feature - For this project, I designed and implemented this interactive feature that documented the PlayStation trans-atlantic crossing and the versatility of the Globalstar phone. I used DHTML and embedded Real Audio clips of Weaver's reports to enhance the user's experience.

HTML, DHTML, Real Audio integration
Quokka Sports: Sydney Olympic Games Promotions - Promotional units for Quokka.com website were another delivery method of promoting a sponsor feature during the Sydney Olympic Games. The space provided me with more freedom to create a more elegant design with photographs and typography.

Design, HTML
Quokka Sports: FinalFour.net Sponsor Ads - Sponsorship units (aka ads) were Quokka's unique way of promoting its sponsor messages. The most important criteria for these units was that they must blend seamlessly into the FinalFour.net site and TotalCast viewer. By adhering to the Quokka design standards, the result was to draw users into viewing the sponsor's feature and website rather than ignoring it.

Design, HTML

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