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Snail&Bunny - B: What are our chances for success due to, as they say, our bad ugliness?
S: Don't be that pessimistic! Look this way.
S: We are just the picture of our society.
Snail&Bunny - B: You seem to me blurry these days, I got headache when I look at you.
S: I't all fine with me, you got the problem.
S: You are not enough into new technologies, here, try 3D glasses.
B: Ahh, now I get it!
Snail&Bunny - S: We are so provokin' Warhol through entire strip! What do you say? B: Well... yeah, if he could only see us.
Snail&Bunny - S: It doesn't stop to fall.
S: Doouughh... when weater like this, it doesn't pay off to go out...
S: ...of snow!
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Telephone guy - Comic One - [1] TELEPHONE: blah, blah... GUY: Yes, and?
[2] TELEPHONE: Can't talk now, may we speak later? GUY: Ok, let's meet somewheare.
[3] TELEPHONE: You go, I'll come later. GUY: See ya.
[4] TELEPHONE: Sorry I'm late

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