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  • Mark Wampler

    Master Craftsman, Digital Artist, 3D Designer

    Atlanta, GA

Master Craftsman gone 3D designer/engineer

Work Samples

  • Alias Studio Renderings

  • Custom Carpentry

  • hand sketches

Work History

    • Myerchin

    Reverse Engineering of part assembly - Plotting diagrams for manufacturing PDF viewer files - Part manufacturing files - Medium quality part renders Reverse engineering: Reverse engineering of single part - Plotting diagrams - Part manufacturing files - High quality rendering Enviropump and Seal web site hosting and development, part engineering: term continuous Designated server hosting - Joomla website build PHP - Plotting diagrams, ANSI format - Part schedules AutoCAD PROGRAMS

    • Red Bag Solutions

    hazardous medical recycling R&D contract term Diagnosis of products per usage - Reverse engineered crucial cutting parts - Interpreted metallurgical processes for outsourcing - Improved plotting diagrams for easy interpretation and communication, ANSI format Stop Fyre reverse engineering of crucial parts, R&D: contract term

  • Demo Dek

    • diagrams - PDF view files - Part manufacturing files - High quality part render

    Reverse engineering of metal part - Plotting Reverse engineering contract term



Design Engine, Chicago Illinois