Agent Brochure Booklet - This is a booklet that targets Real Estate agents to learn more about our company and what we can offer them to use our marketing tools to promote themselves to help them grow their Real Estate business.
CMN Gift Certificate - Gift Certificate to be sent to customers for them to receive discounts from QuantumDirect using special code numbers. One of the gift certificates I did was also used for a large real estate tradeshow last year, in which someone won a laptop and a gift certificate.
GMAC member mail - Easy 5 Tips. An advertising ad for a GMAC magazine to promote QuantumDirect of their services.
KW Vendor catalog ad - Ad to promote QuantumDirect of their direct mail services to be included in the KW catalog.
Business Card & Booklets Campaign - Direct mail campaign to promote that QuantumDirect can allow customers under QuantumPrint to upload and print their business cards and booklets for their businesses.

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