World Expo 2010 posters - The theme is music and we teammates brainstormed different sub-themes and picked "The Beat in Us All." That theme will be understood in several languages worldwide.

Based on the music theme, my posters were challenged to be worth 50 dollars that people would love to buy. The challenge was successful.
Cleveland Expo 2010 - A logo I designed in a team project on Cleveland Expo 2010. However, it wasn't voted and one of our team partners' logo was chosen. See Cleveland Expo 2010 poster.
A company clothing store and its sub stores - A classroom project on designing logos. I decided to take on designing logos for an non-existent clothes company.

Alta is a parent company that sells fashionable clothes targeting big and beautiful women. Its sublogos are Charissa, Evandre, Jace, and Salyn. Charissa is for young women. Evandre are for older women. Jace is for nightlife. Salyn is a shoe store that sells long boots wide-fitted for women with large calves.

My very first direct mail piece in college! I learned so much working at QuantumDigital on designing direct mail and I enjoy it.
First of all, I designed the Visionaire Pictures logo. The ad is targeting science fiction lovers audience who loves classic movies and the photo I used represents science fiction.

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