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Don't Lose Home to Foreclosure - I developed the concept of a large hand (representing power; the bank) picking up the house away from the homeowners who are at the brink of foreclosure. This will encourage homeowners to feel the need to take action in contacting the Realtor or Mortgage Lender for help in choosing their options.

Direct Mail piece designed for QuantumDigital, Inc
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Snowman card - One of the holiday cards available under Personal Impact for QuantumDigital customers to place order with.

I illustrated the whole card from scratch. One of my favorite illustrations that I've created.
No Place like Real Estate
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Reico - Kitchen & Bath - I designed several pieces for Reico. This is my favorite piece I did for Reico. Their concept is that they work on kitchen and bath "exactly" how their clients wanted it. I think I played out the typographic design on this pretty well.
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Drive Green! - One of the automotive card designs I designed for a project called "AT&T Digital Express".

Powered by QuantumDigital, it allows AT&T customers to be able to put their information on the card dynamically and it also pulls their contact information. It's something AT&T wants to offer to their customers who put their ads on yellow pages.
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El Rey - Doors are open at El Rey. Their target audience is all men who are welcome to come get groomed and doesn't need to have membership to get in. I designed this piece to represent masculine and executive club style of lines and gold.
Personal Experience - Based on a concept I developed on personal experiences of buying or selling a house, I designed this real estate card that gives off a very positive experience that will make the customer (who receives the card in mail) feel confident to contact the real estate agent who sends this card.
Party by Midnight - I designed the card from scratch with the vector art and added texture to the background to make it more interesting. One of my favorite pieces I've ever done.
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Neighborhood series - One of the real estate series with media sizes of jumbo, panoramic, and standard postcards
Attributes: 12-card AutoMail series - Elegance is one of the Real Estate attributes. Shown are 6 other cards out of 12-card series.
Birthday Dog - One of the templates that allows you to customize your headline, message, and contact information along with a logo on the address side. It is a very cute birthday card I designed.
Grow my Business - direct mail campaign - A campaign to promote our company that we offer AutoMail, which enables customers to choose our direct mail series of their choice to order from our website to be sent on a weekly or monthly basis.
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KW Recruting series - Keller Williams wanted 5-series direct mail recruiting cards. Following their design style, I designed the series and they loved it. It's available to all Keller William customers under QuantumDirect.
Happiness - religion - A religion card that encourages people to come to their church because they can help people have a happier, better life.
Pizza/Italian Delight! - A concept based on the flavorful, italian food that tastes rich and delicious. Yet it has an elegant design style with a touch of fun feeling of tasting the italian food.
Ownership is Possible - A concept I developed for generic real estate. It's possible for you to own a home and make it personal. Supporting image of a couple who has just moved in and made their home personal by painting and adding a beautiful photo frame.
Healthcare series - General healthcare series that consists of general practice, men, women, children, and seniors.

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