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  • Matthias Marek Majewski

    3d Artist

    Hamburg, Germany

Hey. My name is Matti Majewski and I`m 3D Artist. I studied 3D on the AEP Hamburg/Germany. I skilled on the Collage modeling, texturing, visualisation, animation in Softimage XSI. The next level was Character Design with Mudbox and wake up charakter to life with Softimage XSI(rig&animation). The finnished result to compose with Adobe suite.

Work Samples

  • finally work Sony_spot

  • Character Design

  • analog_work

Work History

I went to collage 3D in Hamburg an AEP. There I worked with Softimage XSI and now I am learning Maya, too. I am inward with modeling, texturing, animation, rendering and compositing with Adobe suite. In school, I got skills in working with illustrator and indesign. The next level was created a storyboard, animatics for a movie projekt. I learned on my collage not only digital, but analog too. The first idea goes from head to hand with pencil and paper. Likewise the first basic in a picture is the pressure and curiousness. And last part of my school was compositing with Adobe suite. I finished the collage with a diplom as 3D artist in creating a spot for Sony camcorder. Before studing, I worked eleven years as cameraassistent for different TV production companies. I am searching jobs or praktica as 3D Artist in the whole world. Therefore I`m flexible.


AEP Hamburg



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