Award Winning Creative is Living Art! Equipped with design abilities, both traditional and digital, I am a 'can do' Creative who can take an idea from seed to final bloom. Whether working alone or directing a team, we are hands - on from first steps to finished concept. We roll up our sleeves; we hit the floor running. I thrive with open minds and bones that aren’t lazy. One should lead by example; egos are left at the door, communication and respect flow evenly and freely. Enthusiasm, passion and a dash of humor is an essential combination to create compelling design. I am proficient in expressing ideas into engaging art through many mediums. My career has allowed me to build skill sets in Illustration, Design for Print, New Media and Web, Branding, Product Conceptualization and Packaging. I have extensive experience working in LA's entertainment, branding & educational industries with an eye towards continued success in all creative environments. Specialties: • Illustration • Graphic Design for Print and New Media • UI Content Design for cross platforms (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile / Apps) • Branding and Marketing • Product Conceptualization • Packaging • Art Direction • Traditional Animation and Character Design Please refer to www.coroflot.com/marypagone and www.shopvida.com/collections/voices/mary-pagone to view my work. Books available upon request. Thank you.


•DVD Association - DVD Excellence Award • American Graphic Design Awards - Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides Packaging • Matty Award for Toy of the Year - Stinky the Garbage Truck™ (Packaging.) • Matty Award for Toy of the Year - LOOPZ™ (Packaging.) • Matty Award Nomination - Package of the Year 2011 - Girls Tech - Password Journal 7 • People's Choice Award 2012 - LOOPZ Shifter™ (Packaging.) • Matty Award for Lifetime Achievement 2012 - Girl's Tech - Password Journal (Packaging)

Experience & Education