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Our under sea member. Faster than sharks and strong as a huge octupus. He can fight against everything under water.
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:: Snaky ::
The brain of our gang. Due to his flexible body is able to get inside every place either to spy or to to sabotage the enemies computer systems . Watch out! his poisoned tongue is pretty lethal.
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:: CATTO ::
Silent, fast and powerful warrior. Able to climb any wall and get inside places without being notice.
Built to fight in the avangarde. Pretty useful as a warrior as well as spy. Although he doesn't have an extraordinary strength is fully equiped with shoot guns and bazooka.....
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:: GORZO ::
The sentinel an entrance protector. No one has the courage to confront him. despite not being so fast he could manage to destroy everything. So take care yourself if you bump into him.
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:: ORBUG ::
The hunter and provider of our tribe. The chameleon's ability to change its skin colour and pattern allow to attack his victims by surprise.
Very dangerous in air combats.

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