Nabors Industries - "Bigger Value" was the key message for one of the largest independent oil companies in the nation, while reinforcing the confidence of financial stability.
Nabors Industries - President's message spread.
Nabors Industries - Custom chart example.
Nabors Industries - A lead-in to Nabors' operational capabilities.
Nabors Industries - Sample spread dedicated to offshore drilling capabilities.
Administaff - "Human Capital" was the focus of this report for a full-service human resources company, while driving a clear message of confidence and growth.
Administaff - An exercise in restraint.
Administaff - President's Message spread.
Administaff - A spread extolling the virtues of work/life culture.
Rice Alliance - The inaugural annual report to promote awareness and forum participation for capital investors and entrepreneurs alike.
Rice Alliance - Sample spread.
Rice Alliance
Rice Alliance - Fly sheet also functions as iimpromptu, perforated business cards.

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