Comprehensive "PRODUCT-ARCHITECTURE" (AKA "Industrial Design") Conception, Aesthetic Design, Engineering, and Promotional Designer. Extensive product verbal & promotional collateral. Product and Line-Naming & "tag-lining". Established and Directed three Internal Corporate R&D (Invention & Design) Departments. Produced numerous Patent Protectable items and extensions. Desire to continue in the practice of "non-linear" thinking to produce unique market entries, exercising full left & right brain capacity. Adjunct Activities: Biographical Novelist, Romantic Poet, Political Editorialist, Dual-Octave Vocalist, "Uncanny" Kazoo Virtuosa, Anglo-Euro Dialectician and Impressionist, Performance Artist, Sculptor, Painter, and Dimensional "Assemblager".


-Created scores of consumer products for male, female, juvenile and special markets. -Awarded 18 Design and Mechanical Patents by U.S. Patent Office. -As V.P & Director , created and directed three comprehensive Design & Development Departments for major industries factor corporations.


Industrial Designers Society of America

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