I am a motivated, enthusiastic and focused individual, I enjoy all things automotive and creative whether its photography, hands on modelling or illustrations and rendering. If there is a challenge that involves any of these skills I am always excited to be involved, and I intend to build a career in the automotive industry including as many of these skills as I can. I constantly seek out photographic opportunities such as pitlane and supercar photography, automotive illustration and ideation work. I am currently employed as an Automotive Hard Modeler for Concept Group International, working hands-on on various projects for major British and International car manufacturers.


My McLaren Concept was selected to be exhibited at the New Designers show in London, and at the Innovative Futures event. My design work has been featured on various high profile websites such as Cardesignews.com and Autoblog.com, and also appeared in the November 2009 issue of Top Gear Magazine.

Experience & Education