After completing a Master in Industrial design, I started working with 3D printing. Initially trained mostly on the modeling aspect, I moved on to the printing side as well, gaining experience on several printing technologies. Working on various projects from the initial drawing to the final part, going through the modeling, rendering, optimizing, slicing and actual printing of a design. This broad approach allowed me to get a much better knowledge and more global understanding of the specificities and properties of different techniques. I moved to California from France 3 years ago, and I have been working as a freelance since, working on various 3D projects, with a main focus on 3D printing prototypes for new products. My main fields of expertise are 3D modeling and rendering, 3D printing and industrial design.

Work Samples

  • Beretta 9mm

  • 3d Anims

  • Dirt Bike

Work History

Professional experiences : *2017 : - Power Vendor @ Fictiv manufacturing : 3D printing pre-production/low volumes parts for rapid prototyping. - Freelance 3D Designer : 3D modeling & printing of various prototypes & pre-production models, "live modeling" sessions, 3D rendering and blueprints production. - 3D Instructor : 3D prototyping bootcamp program instructor @ Inseec campus. * 2016 : - Production Designer at Standard Cyborg : Optimizing printing settings, streamlining the production workflow & machine maintenance for the world's first 3D printed waterproof custom prosthetic legs. - Freelance 3D Designer : Scientific partnerships with labs, 3D modeling & printing of various prototypes & pre-production models, 3D rendering (clay to photorealistic). - 3D Instructor at TechShop : Class teaching & tutorial writing. * 2015 : - Freelance 3D Designer : 3D modeling & printing, model optimization, repairing and preparing for 3D printing as well as custom slicing profiles generation. - 3D Instructor at TechShop : SBU 3D Printer classes teaching. * 2014 : - Freelance 3D Artist : Modeling from blueprints, drawings, rough idea. Turning 2D data into 3D models. File repairing & optimizing. Tutorial writing. * 2013 : - 3D Designer : 6 month Internship at Sculpteo followed by a full time position. Modeling on various projects, from small recreationnal parts to professional prototypes, "live" modeling sessions, file preparation & optimization for various printing techniques : FDM, SLS, Ceramic, Multi material, Full color. *2011 : - 3D Visualizer : 5 month internship at Vincenti Design : 3D Modeling and rendering for various projects: Furniture & interior design, showroom creation, 2D to 3D conversion. Learning Cursus : 2013 : Graduation from Strate College School of Design – France. 2012 : 5th year Diploma project : full design project development from scratch to finished project with scale replica (recreational flying vehicle based on skiing). 2011 : 4 month foreign exchange at Cardinal Herrera University de Valencia - Spain. 2008-2013 : Master in Industrial Design, major in mobility. 2008 : Scientific High School Diploma, ND Boulogne - France Skills : 3D Printing : - FDM *** - SLA ** - Simplify 3D *** - Cura *** -Magics ** C.A.D.: Solidworks *** 3dsMax *** Keyshot (Stills & anim.) *** MeshMixer** Mental Ray/V-Ray ** Rhino * Vue 8 * 2D : Illustrator *** Photoshop ** Indesign * Other : - Laser Cutting ** - CNC Milling/Machining * Languages : French : Mother tongue English : Fluent (Living in California for +3 years) Spanish : Good working knowledge (4 months living in Spain)


  • Strate School of Design

    • Master degree Industrial design
    • 2008 - 2013

    5 years industrial design cursus, major in mobility/transportation. Foreign exchanges, internships, partnerships with major companies, and final complete project design reviewed by professional jury.

  • Cardinal Herrera University

    • Diploma Industrial Design
    • 2011 - 2011

    Foreign exchange program in Spain.

  • ND Boulogne

    • High School Diploma Scientifical High School
    • 2005 - 2008



3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D animation, 3D printing, 3D design, 3D artist