I currently live and work in the South Florida design and hospitality industries. Since I was young I've had a passion for design. Rearranging my parents living room countless times and wandering through construction sites! After high school I moved to Fort Lauderdale to pursue my Bachelors in Interior Design. Over the past several years I have grown as a professional in the design industry. Developing my conflict resolution skills along with my industry knowledge through practicing as a design professional and office furniture dealer. In my experience I have learned the value of exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships. I appreciate hard work and dedication. The hospitality industry has improved my confidence as a speaker which has positively impacted my communication and presentation skills. I share my passion for design with travel, people, and their cultures. I have grown as a person and learned many valuable lessons while spending time in Europe, Central America, South Africa, and South East Asia! I take pride in bringing joy to others lives whether it's though friendly conversation, sourcing a beautiful piece of furniture, or providing a successful design solution. My experiences through design, hospitality, and travel have helped mold me into the individual I am today. I am always up for a challenge and look forward to all that life brings along the way!


Magna Cum Laude Deans List Daughters of American Revolution Award



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