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Animatic sample - Encockroachment (Cockroach Control) - This is a sample of one of several animatics created as gag based stories for short animations.
The above story is a take on space explorations and high technology overtaking and leaving behind sensitive issues like the Nuke issue.
In the story, astronauts returned to a post nuclear winter, into the realms of the only surviving civilization on earth - Class Arthropoda. (It is popularly suggested that cockroaches will "inherit the earth" if humanity destroys itself in a nuclear war.)
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2d Animation - Declassified - Story was a critical voice on the major matrimonial practice of Indian Marriages as being "arranged".
In a modern day context, the ignorance that is an unfortunate part of this practice not only reeks of superficiality but also often fatal in outcome as compatibility between personalities is replaced by commodities.
In this animation, the perspective used is of an unfortunate AIDS victim who falls to the plastic promises of matrimonial jingoism.
Used Director as well as mix media to effect.
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3D Animation - Painkiller Beer Ad - This 3d ad was created for a fictional beer company called Painkiller.
Bottles and Cans were assigned skins with tattoos and characterizations in order to use them as part of a heavy metal beer unit.
Excerpt of a Judas Priest track " Painkiller" was used as storyboard baseline for the dopesheet.
Each bottle/can had the body language of original band members interspersed among other eccentricities!

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