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Design Concepts and Concerns - Music Piracy - - Addressing the complex and ambiguous relationships between parameters of a design methodology
- The role of designer in generating alternate solutions or scenarios rich in detail, while establishing larger patterns
- Combining visualization and cognitive skills with iterative evaluations through user mediated processes
- Discovering proper tools and media for analysis
- Driving the process to an effective closure

Challenging issues facing the Music Industry like online piracy was theme chosen
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Non Linear Narrative - Mean Menu - User and the computer share control over the characters that make up food-chain. User has to throw in the right ones to establish balance and maintain all life forms.

Entertainment based education could :
- Retain knowledge or concepts within a wider canvas of experience, thus allowing the young brain to experience education through deductive reasoning recollected from an immersive experience
- Participative sensitization at an early age to humanitarian and environmental contexts.
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Linear Storytelling - "We Are Deuce" - "We Are Deuce" takes the preschooler on a fantastic voyage through dreamy exciting alien lands where there are "rules". In this way, the narrative breaks down the alienation, while at the same time, building positive anticipation for the strange new worlds of mathematics and science that make up bulk of pedagogy at school.
An entertaining experience makes for an interesting scope in generating inquisitiveness.
This flash animation broke the basic "two times" tables in an engaging way.
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Communication Studies - Reversal of the Overheated Medium - Inference of Communication in semiotics and process based views. Its transmission as well as 'production and exchange' were explored alongside perspectives by Shannon and Weaver, Peirce, Saussure, Bernstein, Barthes, etc
Marshall McLuhan's theory on 'hot' and 'cold' media was explored as project thesis. It culminated in an exploration in contemporary contexts, to find prevailing examples to his theory.
Socio-cultural, political and economic dimensions led to interesting supporting conclusions.

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Interaction Design - Mobile Communication for the Elderly - This group project combined various stages of the design process in developing an interactive device for the elderly.
The study involved extensive user study and analysis based on a well rounded feedback from diverse elements.
The viability of the design was subject to three scenarios. The present age, Year 2010 and Year 2030.
The project exposed much disparity in emerging technology's current acumen in addressing design problems for such focus groups, with somewhat generic yet special needs.
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Instructional Design - Information Walk - "Metal Gods" - Dispensing Information on the multimedia paradigm, based on cognitive theories and spatial, temporal, coherent, modal principles were explored.
A socio-cultural criticism on contemporary digital age was explored using a song based animation narration, "Metal Gods", using engaging humour as means of effective representation of an abstract deep concept.
The narrative was a doomsday perspective using dark ironical humour on the sub-human reductionist tendencies of New Media culture.
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User Integrated Design - Remote Control Unit - User Interface Design engaged a practical sensitization to HCI related accessibility issues.
A professional approach in recording those findings, with analysis and presentation, were part of the 360 degree approach to designing for user in industry.
These subsequently informed the main project, that was to design a Remote Control Unit. Using a basic functional and objective approach alongside creative metaphors in diverse contexts, the final prototype was crafted in the product workshop.
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Cognitive Ergonomics - Zoom 707 2 Guitar Processor
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Subliminal Dialogues - Digital Art Project - www.lemenon.blogspot.com

Download project document PDF: http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/3/11/2359483/Subliminal%20Dialogues%20-%20Digital%20Art%20with%20Sonorous%20Archetypes%20in%20Bollywood.pdf

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Cross Cultural Studies - Geert Hofstede - The project explored Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions in financial and government websites, in cross cultural and dichotomized contexts.

The cultural dimensions were Power Distance Index, Masculinity, Individualism, Long Term Orientation and Uncertainty Avoidance.

Website for government of Sweden was analyzed alongside Iranian government website.

Similarly, Indian Banking site for Bank of Baroda was cross analyzed with Bank of America website.
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Sound, Environment and Technology - Mr. Yashas Shetty, from http://thedepartment.in, Bangalore called for proposals for a Open Source collaborative strategy(w Zack Denfeld - Portland, Richard Widerberg - Sweden) - that explores musical composition as a byproduct of complex interactions in a dynamic ecology.

The above figure is a visualization I created for converting sensor based analytical, scientific data into experiential or metaphorical data. Currently I am developing strategic concepts as my contribution to the project.
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Redesign of E-commerce website through Social Influence Marketing - Thesis on Strategic redesign of the Bajaao.com website based on Social Influence Marketing, Usability and Experience Design criteria.

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