Michael Burgess is an English Photographer from Sutton, Known on Flickr as MichaelJohnBurgess. He was born on 7/10/1991. and enjoy small talk. After setting up his Flickr in November 2009 Michael started posting Photos to a small audience, but found Flickr success after a british newspaper "The Twickenham Times" used his photos in there newspaper and online website. Michael also, occasionally, does other stuff. He participats in helping charity (AgeUK), working at Mcdonalds, Helping make a website with friends and making short films with friends

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Work History

November 23, 2008 - Marble Hill Concert with got used in the local guardian (Part Of Newsquest) September 25, 2010 and 2009 - Kneller Hall - Rhythm Force with was used in the "Richmond and Twickenham times" (Part Of Newsquest) newspaper in 2009 and on there website in 2010


Glenthorne High School Merton College