I am about to graduate from the Industrial Design program at the University of Cincinnati. I am hard-working, highly skilled, and competent beyond my years. I am always looking for freelance opportunities.

Work Samples

  • Power Force Striation Shoe

  • Microsoft Tac/Tile

  • Marlin Martini Shaker

Work History

Ram Industrial Design, Inc. Syracuse, NY | Fall 2012 -Worked with clients to generate and develop concept products -Helped create the design language Ridgid Tools will soon be implementing -Created production-ready CAD models for engineering teams to use the U.S. and abroad Spin Master Toys Los Angeles, CA | Spring 2012 -Designed numerous cars for the Wheels Division -Helped bring a variety of concept toys and sets to fruition -Designed characters and concept art for new brands Bruce D. Robinson Design Cincinnati, OH | Fall 2011 -Rendered and created themes for amusement parks, water parks, museums, and resorts -Designed architectural elements of museums and theme parks -Designed characters and statues to carry the theme of a given park Frontgate West Chester, OH | Fall 2011. Spring 2011 -Designed a variety of unique products -Partnered with outside vendors to take projects from concept, to working prototype, and on to full-scale production -Communicated directly with vendors to go over specifications for projects The Firstyears Stoughton, MA | Spring 2010 -Helped design several items for varied product lines -Communicated with market researchers to better aid in the design process -Altered many existing designs to better improve usability


University of Cincinnati B.S. in Industrial Design





Won $15,000 for the Power Force Apparel's "You Shoe" competition Was awarded a $9,000 scholarship from Choose Ohio First Have had several designs of mine go into production