I am an illustrator and designer who brings the talents and sensibilities of both disciplines together to create unique and wonderful solutions to whatever problem is presented to me. Visual branding and identity is usually the first and most important impression that a brand, business, or product will make on an audience, and I bring outside-the-box thinking and talents to every challenge I am presented. I lead clients with my experience and knowledge, while still keeping them included in the creative process so that they can have a sense of ownership of the work I create for them. Working with other creative people and being in an environment where a team pushes each other to create the most innovative and successful solutions imaginable is something I love to be a part of. I love to bring out the best work in others and bring minds together to explore limitless potential in art and design. Specialties include: Illustration, branding/Identity design, typography, page layout, print design, print production coordination.


2006 Best of Show - Senior Thesis Illustration Exhibit

Experience & Education