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Animals are telling me... - This is book cover for the illustrated book "Animals are telling me...", it is published by Stylos, 2006
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Snowhite and The Seven Dwarfs - Illustration for the cover of "Snowhite and the Sewen Dwarfs".
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Whole Family - Illustrations for flash cards, for English language book.
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Notebook Cover - Notebook cover for Serbian language for second grade of the primary school.
Published by Eduka 2006
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Illustration for "Backstage" Scenography - Scenography for Backstage theater play.
Concept by Sasa Senkovic
Premiere 2008
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Singers - Illustration for Music Culture School Book
Published by Stylos 2008
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Calenadar Page - Illustration for calendar for 2009.
Published by Six Pack, Belgrade
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EVE01 - Infectious.com competition winner!
iMac laptop skin.
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The Crystal Ship - Before you slip into unconsciousness
I'd like to have another kiss
Another flashing chance at bliss
The days are bright and filled with pain
Enclose me in your gentle rain
The time you ran was too insane
We'll meet again
Oh tell me where your freedom lies
The streets are fields that never die
Deliver me from reasons why
You'd rather cry, I'd rather fly
The crystal ship is being filled
A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
A million ways to spend your time
When we get back, I'll drop a line
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EVE01 Laptop Sticker - Winner of Infectious.com contest.
There is a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia. It is a brain function that finds patterns where there are none, like seeing faces in the clouds or a head on the surface of Mars. Very similiar to when people see a religious image in a stain on the wall, it is always because of Pareidolia. Thus I saw a womans face in the apple cutout.
Published 2010
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Tiger vs Shark - Commissioned illustration for Max Bezugly website.
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United Punks - United Punks is a commissioned work for Blog:
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Dangels Cover - Illustration for Dangels comic book.
Concept by Michelle Pollard
Coming soon!

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