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Owl in the room is my personal project. Title comes from testimonies of the UFO abductes. Apparently, when you are going to be abducted by aliens, you are going to see the owl in your room first. Your mind is shielding itself from overloading so it presents you something that you already know. That is your brain trying to put this paranormal event into the earthly realm, and owl or big-eyed reindeer is what your brain will show you.

It doesn't matter if it is true or not, or is it happening or not, it is believed by psychologists that if it actually happens someday, our brain will need to develop to recognize alien beings.

Similar thing happened when native american Indians firs saw Christoper Columbus ships. They didn't saw them until they came right to the shore because they brains newer expected something like that to come from the horizon.
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Close Encounter of the Third Kind - Paracin, Serbia 1954.
A boy played in his grandmothers yard, when suddenly sun was blacked out by a large UFO. He run in the house and hid behind the door. Visitors came after him and told him not to be scared because they are not going to take him this time. They stab him with a needle in the wrist of his hand and told him that they are going to take him with them on December 24. 2011.
This man is still alive and well and he is waiting in fear.
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Alien abduction cases are the most strangest thing, right there with Bermuda Triangle and ghost stories, but for some reason earthly enough. That strange absence of sanity in thousand of stories is what intrigues me the most. People that apparently were abducted by aliens are not insane or stupid. They know how crazy their stories sounds. They used to laugh to other people with same experiences, until they found out or remembered their own.

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