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Feature Doll Concept: Teeny Wahine - Teeny Wahine is an interactive doll that takes turns with a child to teach each other how to dance. She can talk, play music, move her arms, and shake her hips.

The doll detects the child's arm positioning by following the child's fans. The child can also shake the kukui-nut bracelet to control the rhythm of the music that Teeny Wahine plays. If the child needs to catch up with her pace, she may say "Wiki-Wiki", which means "Hurry!" in Hawaiian.
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Tweens: Skribblerz - This product line is a set of accessories that tweens can wear or carry to express themselves on the go. Each accessory has color digital display and comes with a matching stylus pen.

Tweens and their friends can write or draw on the displays and then send it to their mobile devices, to share and update on their favorite social media site.
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Eco-Lifestyle: My Little Eco-Town - This is a line of toys, created from recycled plastics. Each set uses some combination of renewable energy (wind, solar, water, or hand-crank) to enable its features, as well as a figurine.

Sets can also connect to each other to share energy. Combining sets allows children to create and role-play with an eco-conscious town.
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Licensed Game: Tooki Tiki Totem Topple - This is a game concept based on the characters and art of my children's book, "Mooki the Tookidoo." The goal is to finish building the Tiki Totem without angering the Island Gods.

Players take turns rolling the die to determine how many steps to move. Where they land determines whether they will stack part of the Tiki Totem. On each turn, they must hit the drum, and if the player is unlucky, the drum will trigger an earthquake, toppling over the Totem pole.
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Child's Game: M.A.R.S Attack! - (M.A.R.S = Martians, Aliens, and Robots.)

Players choose to role-play as robots or monsters attacking humans in an Earthling city. To win, collect the most humans as possible.

The gameboard rotates continuously as the spaceships drop the Earthlings and Aliens, to simulate them running around the city.

Aliens have green mouths. Players must avoid collecting the aliens and non-humans to get the most points, before the time runs out.
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Outdoor Game: Samba de Fruta - In this summer party game, one child wears the fruit-bowl hat and shakes the maracas to play the festive music. The other children each throw their soft fruit-shaped foam pieces into the tropical hat, before the song ends.

The player with the highest number of fruit in the hat at the end of the song wins.
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Pre-school Girls' Toy: Gaby Girlilla - This is a baby gorilla that waves its arms when it rolls. It is weighted so that she balances and bobbles on her two wheel-like legs.

A child uses the remote control to navigate her. Place the mirror in front of her face, and she makes Gorilla sounds. The backside of the remote is also a brush for her hair.

Place the banana-pacifier in her mouth, and she makes baby-sucking sounds. Pull it out, and hear a pop.
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Hard-Toy Model: Gaby Girlilla
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Licensed Toy: Mooki and Me - This is an activity-set based on my children's book, "Mooki, the Tookidoo".

Mooki is a rubberized satchel that carries various activities that can be shared between the child and Mooki.

Binoculars split into rose-colored glasses, the tiara holds a detachable flower, and the compact mirror hides a magnifying glass.
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Licensed Plush: Mooki the Tookidoo
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Baby Plush: Dollop the Squirrel

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