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Greedo Gets Blasted- Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 1 - Acrylic airbrush and traditional brush illo on masonite panel for Topps Star Wars Series 1 card set.
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Godzilla 1964 - Acrylic on masonite panel fine art and self promo piece.
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Woddy The Wod Packer - Air brushed Acrylics with traditional brushwork on masonite panel. Fine art/promo piece.
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Self Portraitization - Acrylic air brush & traditional brushwork fine art piece and self promo.
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Hercules the Legendary Journeys Trading Card Art - Acrylics on illo board. Hercules by the great Earl Norem. All the rest by me. For Topps Hercules the Legendary Journeys card set.

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