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Akira hooverbike - Concept art for a flying bike design, in sort of GP pit stop scenario.
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Black ice - fuell cell turbine powered ice glider
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Snowterham - caterham/snow mobile crossover
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Icepod - Another snowmobile concept.
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Buell-e - hardcore overpowered plug in bike by resurected Buell brand. ;-)
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Trackar - the race - Painting made over some Alias concept models of the personal tracked vehicle.
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Snowmead - Enormous snow cat exploring freezing plant. Quick matte painting.
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HD quad - Isn't that interesting that no one has ever made a chopper quad yet? Could be cool: combo of quad with hotrod style.
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Stig's new toy - Fuel cell powered vehicle prototype. The new world speed record is near ...
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VIP only - Get out from here!
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Steam power hero - 700 HP steam powered reacing car from mid 20ties of the alternative universe.
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My very own airship - How nice is to have a good cuban under my ship. The trip is over ... for now.
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F1 orbital - Everyone loves F1. Right?

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