Creative professional with 20+ years experience in corporate graphic design. Sustainability communicator and program developer, using change management and behavioral strategies to invest groups in reaching their own corporate green goals. Extensive technical and analytic skills; strong conceptualizing and creative problem solving abilities: top-notch design software knowledge; experienced in developing highly targeted marketing campaigns for multiple user markets in an corporate environment. Specialties: • Change Management Program Development • Sustainability Initiative Development, Communication • Sustainability Subject Matter Expert • Graphic Design for Branding and Identity • Brand Development and Compliance Controls • Strategic Planning / Team Building • Creative Conceptualizing • Project Coordination • End User Training


What Earth Day Means to Philadelphians | Green Philly Blog http://www.greenphillyblog.com April 2013 http://www.greenphillyblog.com/philly-represent/what-earth-day-means-to-philadelphians/ Featured in Green Philly Blog's annual call to action for Philadelphians on Earth Day How I Became An Environmentalist | Philly Eco City March 2013 http://phillyecocity.com/act-philly/inspiration-act-philly/how-i-became-an-environmentalist/ An article I wrote about my path to environmentalism, published by Philly EcoCity on 03.29.2013 Additional Honors & Awards | Canon Business Solutions ▪ Canon Americas President's Award (CAPA), January 2013 (highest team award in Canon) ▪ Canon Spirit Award, Winter of 2011 (highest employee award in Canon) ▪ Canon Bronze Medal of Excellence Winner, Summer of 2010 ▪ Canon Silver Medal of Excellence Winner, Fall of 2007 ▪ Canon Circle of Excellence Award, Fall of 2010, Winter of 2006 ▪ Canon Bronze Medal of Excellence Winner - Fall of 2004


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