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French Product Designer, Currently working as a Design Innovator at the Nike Innovation Kitchen, USA

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<p>Lysandre FOLLET French 27 Year old http://www.linkedin.com/in/lysandre --- WORK EXPERIENCE --- October 2011 -&gt; Now Design Innovator II , Nike Innovation Kitchen Nike WHQ, USA March 2009 &ndash;&gt;October 2011 Co-Creator &amp; Co-Owner of JADOO a boutique in the center of Lyon Handicrafts / Fashion / Jewellery from Pakistan, India, Kashmir Travel to Pakistan every 6 months to select the goods http://www.jadoo.fr February 2007 &ndash;&gt; October 2011 Freelance Graphic &amp; Product Design 2007-2009 Main Client : MATRA MS / Envao Fairtrade Surfwear http://www.minigorille.com 2008 July -&gt; October - Hilversum, THE NEATHERLANDS Internship at NIKE EMEA as a footwear designer http://www.nike.com 2008 April -&gt; July - Moscow, RUSSIA Internship at Art.Lebedev Studio as a product designer . http://www.artlebedev.com 2007 October -&gt; January - Paris, FRANCE Internship at HARTUNG-BOUFFAY as a product &amp; fashion designer working on Active sport . http://www.hartung-bouffay.com 2007 June -&gt; September - Hossegor, FRANCE Internship at RIPCURL EUROPE as a product designer working on bags and surfwear acc . http://www.ripcurl.com/ 2006 -&gt; 2007 Freelance graphic designer for ENVAO Responsable of all the graphic design . http://www.envao.fr 2007 January -&gt; Februray - Villeneuve d'Ascq, FRANCE Internship at AUCHAN as a product &amp; graphic designer working on hand tools and school bag . http://www.auchan.fr 2006 August - Paris, FRANCE Internship at Patrice Debois SARL Models and competition in architecture, town planning, design http://www.patricedebois.fr --- EDUCATION --- 2007 -&gt; 2009 master degree in product design with Eco-design option . CREAPOLE-ESDI School of Creation Management PARIS , FRANCE 2007 June 3rd grade Product designer graduate with honors CREAPOLE-ESDI School of Creation Management PARIS , FRANCE 2004 -&gt; 2007 Product Design Departement 2nd and 3rd year CREAPOLE-ESDI School of Creation Management PARIS , FRANCE 2002 -&gt; 2004 Math SUP Math SPE In the class of Physical Science Engineering National School for Chemistry - Physics - Biology PARIS , FRANCE 2001&nbsp;</p>


Créapôle -- Ecole de Creation Manqagement creapole



GOLD prize Sponsor Project Award Sewing Machine Design AISIN SEIKI Member of the TOYOTA Motor Group. March 2008 Sepelcom 2008 DESIGN AWARD 1st Place http://www.piscine-expo.com