Car Presentation Invite - A local Arbonne Rep asked me to do a flyer for her Car presentation. I was happy to oblige.
Newspaper Ad
Technology Logo
Conference badge for Brazilian company - the breif was to create a "modern soccer club" looking badge that communicated the theme "play together" and was to include the colors of 5 different participating companies.
One Drop Movie Poster - Promotional poster for the release of Wishing Well and Toy Gun's Documentary about the water crisis in Rwanda. Premiered September 12, 2009 in Times Square.
Official Logo in Use - Logo Design for a Legal website in the UK
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Official Logo in Use - Logo Design for adult woman's loungewear sub brand of Silver Charm Clothing in NJ.
Back of the Reisenweber Invitation - This was a super-low budget project. Both sides were printed in one color and stamped with a gold bird inside the circle by the bride and groom to add flair on pennies.
In Lieu of Rebellion - Promotional flier for one of my shows at a edgy-themed coffee shop in downtown OKC.
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Pac Rim T-shirt Design - Mock-up for t-shirt Design that was used for International Studies tour.
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Billboard Design

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