Interior designer I have working experience in interior or exterior Designing, Graphics, Printing & Art Projects, Mostly In Peshawar & some of in Kabul & Dubai. 13 years experience with Interior Design & Graphics designing & other Commercial Projects.

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OBJECTIVE: To put my rich experience of more than fifteen years as an artist, sculptor, and interior and graphics designer to use through new ventures including teaching the new generation of upcoming students of arts. To seek out further opportunities for work that challenge my existing skills and expertise and help me put them to new and even more creative use. EDUCATION QUALIFICATION: Degree: Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), 1998. Major: Oil Painting Minor: Commercial Advertising Institution: Fine Arts Department, University of Peshawar Location: Peshawar, Pakistan. Other Coursework Course: Interior or Exterior Designing 1 Year Certificate Course in (Evening Classes), 1999 Offices, Shops, Banks, Residents, Restaurants, Hotels, Set Designing, Stage Decoration Institution: School of Art, Peshawar, Pakistan Course: Sculptor 1 Year Certificate Course (Evening Classes), 1998 Human Figure, Life Style Institution: School of Art, Peshawar, Pakistan Course: Computer Graphics Designing 1 Year Certificate Course 1995 Dram Scanning, CMYK Plat Making, Binding & all the printing process Institution: Design World Institute, Sharjah, UAE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AS AN INTERIOR & GRAPHICS DESIGNER INTERIOR DESIGNING EXPERIENCE: Name of Employer: Wings Interiors & Consultants Location: Peshawar, Pakistan. Date of employment: 2004 to April 2011 (7years) Type of Organization: Consultants & Printing & Advertising Agency Position held: Interior Design / Design Manager Responsibilities: As interior designer and design manager both responsibilities are quiet difficult for me but I enjoy my work. Our culture has two facets underscored by the modern and local that reflects in my work through local offices, residential areas specially the drawing room called (Hujra) along with the more modern work like banks, brokerage houses, franchises, restaurants that require new & modern format. When I draw plans or sketches which are done mostly with computer graphics & sometime by hand, they are presented to clients along with color charts, fabric swatches, photographs, and sometimes even original designs for furniture & material. The purpose is to present everything for the client as close to reality as possible. If a building is under construction I provide advice on color schemes, window treatments, and hardware and lighting fixtures. Also, I suggest finishing for walls, ceilings, floors, and cabinets along with choice of other accessories, such as plants and paintings. Once the plans for designs are approved, I allocate different tasks to my team whereby different personsare responsible for different jobs. Examples include furniture, coloring, electricity, plumbing, the tilling fixer. I supervise all the work and am responsible for ordering materials and contract out services to workers. Some interior projects which I designed & completed. Khyber Garden (Lamsi Arcad, Peshawar Cantt) 2009-May United Bank Ltd. 3-Branches (Shuba-Bazar, GT Road, Warsak Road) 2007-August Live Securities Brokerage House. (Statelife Building Cantt.) 2006-July AMADEUS (Peshawar Sadder Cantt.) 2006-Feburary Mobile Zone (Peshawar, Sadder Cantt), 2006-Janvery EFU General (Azam Tower Jamrud Road, Peshawar.) 2005-April Bukhari Travel (Jamrud Road, Peshawar.) 2004-December Invest Cap Brokerage House. (Statelife Building Cantt.) 2003-February. Habib Bank Ltd. Country office (Shar-e Naw Park.Kabul), 2006-March 2006-July Habib Bank Ltd. Kabul Branch,(Shar-e Naw Park.Kabul), 2006-March 2006-July IGI Financial Services (Peshawar Sadar Cantt.) 2008-Janvery etc. In Afghanistan, Pakistan & UAE. GRAPHICS DESIGNER EXPERIENCE: Name of Employer: Wings Graphics Location: Peshawar, Pakistan. Date of employment: December 1998 April 2011 (12years) Type of Organization: Printing & Advertising Agency Position held: Design Manager Responsibilities: Basically manage design department with 3 assistant designers or 2 internees. Wings Graphics & Printers where I used my skills with open hands I have controlled all the design department designers, pesters, photographer and maintain complete job from start idea theme product or models photography determine the objectives of the design by consulting with clients, my job is Formulate design clear the vision of Clint to designer, photographer depends on clients products if its commercial or industrial or packaging, After approval discuss with my assistant designer and hand out themes to finalize design. All the requirement of design collecting we start designing and Prepare Illustrations or sketches to communicate design concept. I also discuss design with clients then design sampling to approval and also printing test print. Also discuss about cast. FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGNER EXPERIENCE: Name of Employer: ARCHI-ART STUDIO Location: Melbourne, Australia. Date of employment: March 2006 – Present (5years) Type of Organization: Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture Planning Urban Design Position held: Freelance Graphic Designer / Artist Responsibilities: This was my first experience of on line graphic design & art work for Rainbow 3D-Dreams with Syed Imran Hassan (Architecture, Interior and Exterior Illustrations). I consider it to be a great exposure for me to international platform compaction. ASSISTANT COMPUTER DESIGNER EXPERIENCE: Name of Employer: Al-Noor Printer Location: Sharja UAE. Date of employment: 1994 – 1995 (1years Part time) Type of Organization: Printing Press Position held: Assistant Computer Designer Responsibilities: Al Noor Printing press was my very first computer graphics experience because up till that time all the designs were done by hand drawings pen spray guns & mostly using posters colors. But here I learned and practiced the use of computer as tool for graphics designing specially scanners and printers. All this digital equipment changed my work patterns and provided me with a new vision. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AS AN ARTIST & SCULPTOR ART CONSULTING / ARTIST EXPERIENCE: Name of Employer: IH Art Studio & Gallery Location: H-141, St-7, Sector L-1, P-3, Hayatabad, Peshawar. Date of employment: Nov.2006 - Present (4years) Type of Organization: Art Studio & Painting Display for sale & other art projects. Position held: Art Consultant Responsibilities: IH Art Studio & Gallery was founded by my father Imtiaz Hussain and named after him. It was established in Peshawar in 1974. After my father’s death I am running the IH Art Studio as an Artist & Art Consultant/ Here I am working as a practicing artist. Also teaching drawing to students (a small class of art work lovers), and got some commissioned projects as paintings, portraits, sculpture and graphic art. INSTRUCTOR (TECHNIQUE & PRACTICAL) EXPERIENCE: Name of Employer: School of Art & Gallery Location: 1st Floor, Hassan Building, Arbab Road, Peshawar Cantt. Date of employment: Jan.2004 – Nov.2006 (2years) Type of Organization: Teaching Art, Drawing, Textile, Advertising & Sculptor Classes. Position held: Instructor (Technique & Practical) Responsibilities: Preparation for basic drawings, line work, compositions, basic color & tones, layout, computer & manual designs for printing as well as the complete process of CMYK, preparing mud for sculptor, moulds & casts as well as other techniques preparing canvas drawings boards & how to use different medium in different ways to explore students concepts in art work. CONTRIBUTION AS AN ASSISTANT WITH SYED IMTIAZ HUSAIN (LATE) WHO IS REPUTED AND WELL KNOWN ARTIST AND DESIGNER OF THE PROVINCE AND THE COUNTRY LEVEL AS WELL: • I assisted in a Mascot (Dancing Horse) of 21ft. tall horse in dancing action mobilized with a help of four Ropes and pulled by children of the four province in shape of four rows was created and built in fiber glass material in 1989 and was exhibited on the eve of opening ceremony of 4th South Asian (SAF) games held at sports complex stadium Islamabad. • A Model of Bab-e-Khyber of stero foam material of size (14ft high and 24ft length ) was created and exhibited in floating position in the swimming pool Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar for the World Tourism Convention held at PC Hotel Peshawar, as a symbol to represent the N.W.F.P in the year 1994. And also made sculptural birds for exterior lawns and ponds(cement cast and painted), “Food Festival” king size burger prepared with in stero foam material for restaurant’s lobby at PC Hotel Peshawar, prepared model in styrofoam of pissa tower for italian food festival for restaurant’s lobby at PC Hotel Peshawar. • Designed and Executed Relief Panel of Khattak Dance (Tribe martial dance with swords) in Lasani wood material for PAF Auditorium. • Worked on a Khyber Pass Relief (plaster cast material) for the Reception Lobby of Green Hotel Sadar Peshawar. • Sculptured two Horses in fiber glass material fixed on the entrance pillar, Gate of Army Animal vanity at Sargodha. • Designed and executed a stall for Pakistan Air Force Training Institution for international Defence Exhibition (IDEAS-2000) held at Karachi Expo Centre. It was highly appreciated and declared one of the best designed stall of the exhibition in the year 2000. • Reproduced actual size Stupa (5ft x 8ft in round at Bot Kara 3 Swat) in Styrofoam material for the museum of Archeology Department, University of Peshawar donated by the Govt. of Japan. Dr. Farzand Ali Khan Durrani was the project director in the year 1996.


University of Peshawar, Pakistan.



University of Peshawar, Pakistan.


Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), 1998.