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“ ... Play is an essential activity for the development of a child,
especially in the first 3 years of life. Parents are very important to role in
the play with children to improve relationships between them and children.
Thereby, the childrenlearn life skills and school skills that necessary for their
growing up. ...”
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The toy will be the combination of models and books,which telling stories for children.When playing,parents who will lead the children go through the story.This will help to improve the relationship between parents and their children. Afterthat,when they are alone,the children still can play by
themselves.They can create a new story for the toy.Toys are made of different types of wood such as: Plywood, coir ... to reduce product price and increase aesthetics and protect the environment.
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This is a part of a set of toys.
This toy contains many parts, that children can collect and put them together.
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The Charaters - This set of toys will contain a good story. When children play this toy, they could learn many things.

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