Since 1997. I was in my teenage.I want to Develop my dream Car & motorcycle. So started work in a different direction, because when I have no any facility on my hidden place. also I had no any info Guideline about internal industrial Facts but I wanna to make my own dream Concept in live for me, so 1st time i started my work on my sketch book, but who judge my concept, car or bike. well then its not a matter for me because its only for my dream on live.after that day by day I draw and draw and draw, finally I miss my dream because this is only on Sketches. Finally (what I can do for my live concept) this question was surrounding on mind. each coming day i cant sleep without there solution.But I want to complete my Sketch in a real. then i decide confidently: I need to born a different technique for my Sketches but where I discover arrangement? its a main Question on mind. finally i Start to discovering everywhere raw materials. & decide that 1st i will make motorcycle whiles for scale prototype. so i search something 250+material for a perfect while. And after some months I make a perfect while after Experiment from submersible pumps uses 1:12 x 32 oil-seal for my 1:12 scale motorcycle while @ its a 1st movement for a step in Automotive. because here I had solve my 1st issue. After 4 year latter I made a perfect dream in live 1st 1:12 scale motorcycle & robotics with my new Concept idea for Development. 27-10-2011: Now.all about is only for a Positive thinker Who active for work with me. this time my all design is only property of "Moto-Designer Group @ Prappibike" Automotive concept combine EiT ZONE. want to Develop a creative team who have keen interest in Automotive Project with new design technology part on to the Market Segment.. Additional Planing is that i want to Develop my industrial ground space Specially utilization of some area for Design Studio Project till 2016. Thank You For Read. Have a nice day & Colorful Life in live. Specialties Drawing, sketching, Raw Crafting, Model Making, Illustration, Concept Designing & Media Publisher with Idea Creation...

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Institute of management of Engineering (IME)


1.A Grade Selection & certificate for Youkas artist in 2001. 2.Selection for Final 1 Concept helmet Designer From Steel Bird December 2003. 3. Participated in Yova Kriti Competitive Cultural Pro.during 10th National Youth Festival (2005) Held at Hyderabad, (A.P.)