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Left to Right: Nahsholim - Boutique Hotel. The Kitchen Cabinet - Media Consulting Firm. White Shark - logo sketch for Accessory Brand. Exorcist - Self Promotion. Avi Bublil - Bar Mitzvah logo. Vignette for Rosh-Hashanah greeting card. Jewelation - Co-working space for Jewelry Designers. ARR - Architecture Studio. Khan Tengri - logo sketch for Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering Tours. Vitkin Winery. Krolique - Independent Photographer. Downtown - Investment Company. Kate Ravits - Interior Designer.
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Left to Right: Etgarim Finansim - Investments Corporation. The Stagers - Rock Band. Aurec Humanity - Charity Organization. Alina Feldman - Theater Producer. Sderot Conferance for Society Issues. Never Printed- PDF Magazine. Meitar Family Emblem. White wine - Wine tasting Event. Vitkin Winery. Fresh Tresh - Graffiti Lable. Gentle Resistance Art Event. Gaya Cosmetics.
How Cow Events Productions. Ana Kogan Kirschner - Urban Spirit. Israel Enduro Association. Mooza - Israeli life style marketing on the Internet. Shiboleth - Low firm. Reach the Balance - Numerology Consulting. Sandhaus - Music Lable. Israeli Private Wine Lable for Japan. Sette Cieli - Yachting and Tourism, Turkey. Rothbar- Pharmatheutical. The Platinum Casino, Bucharest Romania. Mark Fraifeld - Architecture.

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