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cnet networks. video presentation. - marketing visual fireckracker. intended to bring a visceral explanation of cnet networks capabilities to a wide range of viewers, from investors to potential advertisers within the network.
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digital living. tv open. - opening graphics for discovery channel's 'digital living' tv program. it focuses on ways technology touches our every day lives and tries to make it accessible and fun for the non-techie population at large.
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cnet's digital photography website - the ultimate resource for the digital photography consumer.
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cnet radio - newspaper advert to promote 'tour the tech'.
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cnet's e-biz guide. direct response ad. - It's not sex,
it's e-business
so why are they afraid to ask?

Sure, they nod their heads.

And they look like they're getting it.
But deep down, there's this feeling of, well, inadequacy.
(Let's just say they're 'e-shy')

Sound familiar? Couldn't we all think of a
"Friend" like this?

Well, now there's help.

We've written a new e-businesss guide that tells
all–describing, in graphic detail, how just to
position yourself to reach your target when
they're most receptive online.

Think of it as "Everything Your "Friend" Ever
Wanted to Know About E-business But Was
Afraid to Ask."

To get a free copy (discreetly packaged) call
xxx.xxx.xxxx or send us an email at

For instant gratification point your browser to

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