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WeTeach - Student Dashboard Mockup - A mock-up of the student dashboard page, including a calendar, their topic, list of activities they've finished, are currently working on, and activities they've yet to accomplish, and a progress bar test tube.
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WeTeach - Splash Page - The WeTeach splash page. This a mock-up for what our users would see when they first go to the website. We did research on what colors would be friendly and inviting to late elementary and middle school students.
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WeTeach - Market Requirements - A marketing plan for the WeTeach Project, including logic model, user profiles, branding and design specs, and content summaries.
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WeTeach - Linked Wireframes - Download the file as a PDF to get a sense of navigability (these wireframes were created on balsamiq). Through many iterations, this was our final set of wireframes, including:
1) Student Dashboard
2) Research Zone
3) Springboard Activity Page
4) Individual Student Profile Page
5) Teacher Dashboard

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