blenda - milkshake mixer - A redesign of the milkshake mixer, sought to simplify the form to one cohesive shape, thereby minimizing parts, space, and mess. As well as creating a new kind of milkshaker for a new generation of people.
sigh : coffee maker - The sigh coffee maker, is a reaction to the obsession that today's society has upon speed and quickness, and the supposed efficiency that this brings. The sigh coffee maker seeks to slow the user down, to allow them to fully absorb the time they are investing in drinking their coffee.
sigh : sketches - Through the hourglass shape, gravity feed, and the porcelain, this coffee maker seeks to bring coffee drinking back to it's a time set aside for oneself and for others to socialize, contemplate, and enjoy
stabilobile : standing snowmobile - concept sketches of a standing snowmobile design, meant for short distance travel over winter terrain.
stabilobile : standing snowmobile - final design and model : balance sensors in the main body keeps the rider parallel to the ground plane regardless of the slope in incline or decline, for rider comfort. this is not meant for extreme sports, but rather a terrain specific means of transportation.

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