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  • Nadia Nadir

    C.E.O. at Pixel Xtudio || Creative Director at N2N So...

    Karachi., Pakistan

Hey! I am an Artist. Pixels are my playground. Colors are my life. Graphic designing, illustration, painting, sketching, wall painting, fashion designing & art are my hobbies and luckily my profession too. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. If you love my work then you can contact me through my Email mentioned below. (nadia_arty@yahoo.com, ) Join me on LinkedIn: http://pk.linkedin.com/in/nadiasyeda Thanks for visiting my portfolio. Genuinely, Nadia Nadir.

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Nadia Arshad. nadia_arty@yahoo.com, nadia_arty@hotmail.com URL: www.coroflot.com/nadia Objective: To WIN every challenge of life. Field of Interest: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Image Reader, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Macromedia Dream weaver, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw, Corel Painter 11, Z-Brush, Inpage, MS Office, HTML, Studio MAX, MAYA , Interiors, Psychology, Telepathy, Hypnotism, Table Tennis, Marketing & Sales. Field Experience: IMAGINATIVE Sister company of N2N Solutions (www.n2nsolutions.us) (11th June - Present) As CEO Creative Services. TENB Vogue. (www.tenbvogue.com) (1st June, 2006 – Present. – A family business) As Owner & Fashion Designer. Online Social Media Marketing. Dept: Web & graphic Designing, Fashion Designing, marketing Hilal Confectionery Pvt. Ltd. (www.hilalcandy.com, www.coolyaar.com) (2nd May, 2009 – Present.) As Web & Graphic Designer cum Developer. Web & Graphic Designing, Web development. Online Social Media Marketing. Dept: Web Development. Arena Multimedia, Pakistan. (www.arena-pakistan.com) (3rd May, 2010 – 3rd May, 2010.) As Graphic & Multimedia Instructor. Dept: Visiting Faculty. Field Experience: IST (International System Technology.) (www.istworld.net , www.istworld.com.pk) (1st Nov, 2007 – Still working.) As Creative Project Manager. Dept: Graphics, Multimedia, Web, Software & Marketing. IST (International System Technology.) (www.istworld.net , www.istworld.com.pk) (4th Jan, 2007 –31st Oct, 2007.) As Senior Graphic Designer & Animator. Dept: Web, Graphic & Multimedia Designing. CMRL (Cardiovascular Modeling Research Laboratory). (www.cmr-lab.com) (4th Mar, 2007 – 4th Feb, 2008.) As Team leader. [BPO from IST] Dept: Web, Graphic & Multimedia Designing. NJI Life. (www.njilife.com ) (7th Nov, 2006 – 7th Nov, 2007.) As Sales Associate. Dept: Sales & Marketing. NJI Life. (www.njilife.com) (7th June, 2006 – 7th Nov. 06.) As Development Manager. Dept: Team work, Sales & Marketing. Cyber Texas. (www.cybertexas.com) (1st March, 2006 – 1st May, 2006) As Senior Graphic Designer. Dept: Web, Graphic & Multimedia Designing. IST (International System Technology.) (www.istworld.net , www.istworld.com.pk) (1st June, 2003 –31st Jan, 2006.) As Graphic Designer.(Part time) Dept: Web & Graphic Designing. Working Freelance in the field of Graphics, Multimedia & Web Designing since more then 7 years. Group Efforts: •Designing & managing a NGO website for ICSS (Infection Control Society Sanghar) •Designing & managing the largest online barter system, “Submit Your Stuff”. •Designing & developing the largest Web Medical Portal of Asia. (www.calldoc.info) •Maintaining a website for “GEL-PAK Pvt. Ltd (General Electronics)”. •Designing a website & e-communication solution for “IDEA(Industrial Development & Engineering Associate)” (under construction) •Designed and Developed a website, logo & print materials for oil reservoir modeling, “EpaCom”.(www.e-pacom.com) •Designing and Developing a website for “Philately Art” (study, collection & selling of Stamps online) (www.philatelyanart.com) •Designed and Developed a website, logo & print materials for ‘Islamic Stem Cell Hospital’. (www.isc-hospital.com) •Designed a largest web portal of KSA, (www.KSAonline.com) (under official talk) •Designed www.seattix.com, a website for online purchasing of Football match tickets, USA. •Designed www.peaklogos.com, an online virtual shop for Logos. •Maintained www.cybertexas.com, an e-solution company. •Designed & Maintained www.tixport.com, an online system for reservation of seats. •Volunteer work for earthquake victims.(8th Oct.05) •Team Leader, Volunteer work for Shaukat Khanam Hospital, for their Blood Bank. Individual Efforts: •Maintaining & updating a website of “Dr.Altamash Associates”, (www.altamash.com) •Designing a website, logo & print materials for “Adil Associates” (property dealings). •Designing & Leading a website for “NASA Internationals” (Event Management & Consultancy) (www.nasaintl.com) (Under official talk) •Designing a website & print materials for “NYIT(New York Institute of Technology )” (www.nyit-uae.org) •Designing a website, logo & print materials for “IFME (Islamic foundation on Medical Ethics)” organization. (www.ifm-ethics.org) •Designing & leading a website for Dow Medical College, Karachi. (www.dowites88-89.com)(Under construction) •Designed a website layout for DMK Consultancy, Karachi. (www.dmkconsultancy.com) •Designed online products, broachers, banners, software, leaf lets & magazine adds for “It Completes e-solutions” (www.itcompletes.com) •Designed a layout for AlFalah Security, Karachi. (www.alfalahsec.com) •Designed & lead a website & logo & Print Materials for ‘Online Traweeh’, specially for Ramadan.(www.ramzanonline.org) •Designed & lead a website, logo & print materials for ‘One dirham’ a donation organization. (www.onedirham.com) •Designed & developed www.cmr-lab.com, a website of ‘Cardiovascular Modeling Research lab’ as well as all the print materials. •Designed www.tsqr.com, an online study of fossils, virtual of online library. •Designed template & logo for Laser Link, the group of Companies in the sector of Gas & Oil. •Designed Broachers for MIST. (www.mistalliot.com), Dubai. •Designed food products for Trade Ways Internationals. (www.twipakistan.com) •Designed greeting cards from International System Technology for its international market. •Designed Visiting Cards & Broachers for Cyber Texas. (www.cybertexas.com) •Designed Broachers, banners & leaflet for Mobile Zone (MZ) (www.mobilezone.com.pk) •Designed brochures, Visiting cards, news letters, journals, presentations, letter heads, wallet folders & banners for Cardiovascular Modeling Research Laboratory, E-pacom, Islamic Foundation on Medical Ethics, Islamic Stem Cell Hospital, Computational Modeling Simulation (CMS) , MARKS (car manufacturers, Lahore), RamzanOnline, AquaZeon, K-Laboratories Pvt.Ltd, Time Management Club & Adil Associates (property dealers). •Interior designing for “Cardiovascular Modeling Research Laboratory” & “Islamic Stem Cell Hospital” (Pakistan Branch). •Interior designing for “Adil Associates”, Karachi. Pakistan”. •Interior designing for “It Completes”, an e-solution company. Karachi, Pakistan. Computer Skills: Operating System: Windows (all versions), Linux, UNIX, and D.O.S. Languages: HTML, VBScript, PHP, ASP, C++ & Visual C. Development Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studios, Interdev, Macromedia Dream weaver. Databases: Oracle 9i, SQL Server, MS Access. Designing Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Image Reader, Adobe After Effects, Macromedia Dream weaver, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Studio MAX, Corel Draw, ASP, PHP, HTML and Inpage. Others: Microsoft Project, MS Office, Crystal report. -Other Skills: Team Management, Sales & Marketing Plans and Finance Controlling. Academic Projects: -Business Management: . Management Report over Awari Towers. -Visual Basic: . Library Management System. . IQ test system. -Oracle 9i: . Patient Information System. -Photoshop: . A news poster/banner for Biztek Institute of Business & technology. . Different Websites Images, Templates & Logos. -Flash: . Personal Website.(Includes all my personal information) . Different Websites Images, Templates & Logos. -Object Oriented Programming: . A Car showroom. -Assembly: . WSJN Protector. (Protection for Windows file.) -Web Designing: . A Website for Furniture. . PERSONAL Website. . A commercial Website for (male & female) Models. Academic Events: • Marketing Team: A marketing team in university with the name “BIZTEKIANS” As: Team member. • Fashion Show: “Fashion Trends”, a fashion show organized by BIZTEK as a project of Presentation Skills. As: Representative & Marketing. • Seminars & Workshops: . Network Engineering. As: Research Member, Answering panel, Participant & Marketing.. . Changing Fashion Trends. As: Participant, Team member, Live Presentation of Fashion. . E-Trade. (Virtual Boutique) As: Speaker, organizer, Team member, Marketing, Answering Panel. • Other Events: (2002-2005) . All other events in Biztek University. As: Organizer, Marketing, Sales, Participant and Team member. .Extra Curricular Activities: • Creating new ideas, Graffiti, Playing tennis, Painting & Pets. .Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Computer Science (Honors) From Biztek Institute of Business & Technology. Karachi (2005) Intermediate (Pre – Medical) From Govt. College For Women, Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Karachi (2002) Matriculation (Science) From Sadequain Academy. Karachi (2000) Certifications & Trainings: 1) Business Management 2) Managerial Decision-making 3) Organizational Behavior 4) Human Resource Management Certification. From: International System Technology. Karachi. Pakistan. (Dec 15 2008 - Dec 20 2008) 5) PMP (Project Management Professional) 6) Leadership in Organization 7) Team Management Certificate From: International System Technology. Karachi. Pakistan. (May 15 2007 - May 27 2007) 8) Appreciation certificate for complete training of 25 internees. From: International System Technology. Karachi. Pakistan. (2008-2009) 9) Marketing & Sales training. From: New Jubilee Life Insurance (NJI Life)”. Karachi. Pakistan. (2006) 10) GW Basic, LOGO & DOS. From: Lyceum Institute. Karachi. Pakistan. (1998) Note: For more details or references please email me at nadia_arty@yahoo.com


Biztek Institute of Business & Technology.



1) 1st Position in PMP Exams -2008 IST. Karachi. Pakistan. 2) 1st Position in HRM Exams. IST. Karachi. Pakistan. 3) Appreciation certificates in the field of Marketing & Salas. New Jubilee Life Insurance. 4) Best Tennis Player 2001 Women’s College, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Karachi. Pakistan.