Hello! My name's Nataliya, or just Natalie. I'm an Industrial Designer, graduated from University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina. I speak 4 languages, currently learning the 5th one and I want to learn at least 5 more in the future. Weird? I love languages & cultures, so that's it! I had a chance to live in 3 different countries until now & I'm very open to new experiences in other places.

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ENG: If you have any question about my projects or you are interested to have an interview, feel free to contact me, using this website. You can also check out my full Curriculum at Linkedin & ZonaJobs. Thank you! /// SPA: Si tienen alguna pregunta acerca de mis proyectos o estan interesados en concretar una entrevista, pueden contactarme a traves de este sitio web. Tambien pueden chequear mi CV completo en Linkedin y ZonaJobs. Gracias! ///


UBA (University of Buenos Aires), Argentina