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Digital Wine and Whisky
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Gaze - I love to draw eyes. so, here's one more done digitally.
The black thing between the two eyes is called BINDI in South Asia.
It can be considered as a piece of jewellery worn at this location , but it also has religious significance .
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Anatomy study - I made this digital painting in adobe photoshop . The objective was to practice human anatomy and lighting.
This was done with help of a reference picture which i will upload as soon as i find out the photographer's name.
Suggestions are welcome!!!
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Kareena Kapoor - Digital portrait of Kareena Kapoor done in Photoshop CS4. It took around 24 hours.
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Fan Art ( Edward and Bella) - I wanted to focus on apparel texturing , folds in the dress, drapery and lighting.
I also got to paint my favourite actors
( Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart).
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The Eye - Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
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gazee - Digitally painted eye in Adobe CS4

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