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"BAT-FLAC & MYLIE" (dimensions 20.073 x 27.227 inches, 50.00 x 69.16 cm, 6022 x 8168 pixels)
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This illustration was inspired by a Howard Stern Show phony phone call in which Gilbert Gottfried's voice was used. As a result I decided to go with a vintage toy theme...the idea to portray him as Jack in The Box was a no-brainer given the type of comedian Gilbert is.
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"BRISBANE" (measurements 12.5 x 20 inches, 31.58 x 50.8 cm, 3730 x 6000 pixels)

Kendall McComas as Breezy Brisbane from "Our Gang/Little Rascals."
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"THE STARS OF TOY STORY," with Buzz Allen & Woody Hanks - When I first decided to create this piece I had to ask myself..."How do I make caricatures out of existing caricatures who also happen to be Pixar's biggest icons & how can I incorporate the likenesses of actors Tom Hanks & Tim Allen without overkill?" Well, see for yourself.

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