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"KISS...2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees" (sketch)
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Just a mediocre "SCHOOL GIRL" sketch to warm me up when for when I retire as an "Illustrator For Hire."

When that day comes…pin-ups, personal interests, ideas that have been put on hold & non-illustrative content is all I'll be focusing on. The best part is that I will no longer be required to think about what an art director, agent or client wants. Because everything I do (as of 2015) will be no longer be geared towards monetary gain. Instead I will make this a glorified hobby in the attempt to achieve personal fulfillment.

I used to enjoy drawing & painting a whole lot more until I tried making a living at it. And instead of sticking with this long enough to eventually hate it…I would much rather quit & remind myself why this became my first love. As far as I'm concerned, the only way I can truly accomplishing this is by first becoming extremely selfish then doing exactly WHAT I LIKE for a change. Which means I have to refuse compromise with just about everyone.
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"MISS AMERICA" (pin-up sketch complete)

To become a pin-up painting
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Copyright 2014 ® Santa Fe /Rio Grande Productions Creative Director: Derrick Still

An old piece I did about 8 years ago.


The intention was to produce a painting similar to the results you might see in fantasy book covers by either Boris Vallejo or Frank Frazetta. Unfortunately, my painting skills had not yet fully developed. And since this was my very first large scale group illustration (24 x 36), I pretty much found myself learning what to do & what not to do throughout the entire process. Now should a re-do take place today, then more time would be devoted to the earlier planning stages. Including hiring models for photo-shoots, setting up lighting, producing smaller studies & color comps, etc.

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George W as THE JOKER, Condoleezza Rice as CATWOMAN, Donald Rumsfeld as THE RIDDLE & Dick Cheney as THE PENGUIN.
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starring: Bill Murray & Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

Thanks to Cleveland sports radio personality, Tony Rizzo & his comparison of a Browns football season to the motion picture comedy hit, "Groundhog Day," I was suddenly inspired to come up with this idea.
I make fun of this team all the time, so it was pretty much tailor-made for my twisted sense of humor.

Also if you review their record since returning to the NFL in 1999, then you will clearly see why every season is exactly as he says! Well that & the fact that they are now looking for their 8th coach in 15 years.
What the f@%k right? LOL

1999: 2-14
2000: 3-13
2001: 7-9
2002: 9-7
2003: 5-11
2004: 4-12
2005: 6-10
2006: 4-12
2007: 10-6
2008: 4-12
2009: 5-11
2010: 5-11
2011: 4-12
2012: 5-11
2013: 4-12

Now if this isn't GROUNDHOG DAY then I don't know what is!
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"AND THE NEW HEAD COACH OF THE CLEVELAND BROWNS IS…" (study) Bill Murray & Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.
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in progress

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