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Android tablets come from multiple electronics manufacturers. There is no standard charging data/charging port.

Some use miniUSB, some use DC power adapters, and some use their own proprietary ports. Android tablets also come in different sizes, and ports are located in different places.

While most speaker docks are designed for Apple products, there are very few speaker docks for Android devices.
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We went forward with a cradle dock, which allows tablets of any size to sit comfortably. The tablet would use its own charger cable to plug into a USB port in the back. The charger cable could feed through an opening in the base of the cradle and stay relatively hidden.

These were some of the form explorations sketches to achieve this concept.
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The concept direction chosen by Altec Lansing. The curved bottom gives the form a "floating" look. The foldover profile view also ties in with the form language of their latest speakers.

During the meeting, an Altec Lansing sound engineer commented, "I feel strangely aroused" when he saw this concept.
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physical prototype

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