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Dome Details - AutoCAD - Personally designed and developed the construction details for the installation of the glass dome of the residence entry, immediately followed by the realization on site of the project.
The Entry Dome - After designing the construction details for this entry dome I followed the realization of the project on site.
The Entry - Developed the entire Interior Set for immediate construction. Full Scale CAD interior elevations and detailed sheets of all cabinetry and mill work.
Selection of trim, columns, tiles, and materials in general.
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Study Bookcase Detail - AutoCAD - This drawing represents an example of the level of detail used to design the mill work and cabinetry for this residence
The Kitchen - Developed construction details of all the cabinetry and mill work. In particular I have personally designed the corbels and coordinated its realization with a craftsman.
Master Bathroom - Designed and fully detailed bathroom cabinetry and tile configuration.
Mantels - Designed interiors in order to fit and display all the pieces of the client's antique collection
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Plans and Elevations

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