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  • nirah ash

    Road 7 Designer

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

-Passion for continuous learning and personal growth -Highly motivated and driven with strong desire to excel -Leadership Charisma -Sense of responsibilities -Creative and resourceful -Excellent skills in communication and collaboration -Able to think out of the box

Work Samples

  • 2010 - WCT Bio Tech & Services Company

  • 2010 - TMH Group company

  • 2009-2010 MIFA - Malaysia International Fashion Alliance

Work History

HIGHLIGHTS OF PROJECTS DELIVERY (TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN COLLEGE) INDIVIDUAL: Project 1 Title:Drawing (Scene Picture) Marks: 7/10 (2nd highest in the class) Project 2 Title:Drawing (Packaging Picture) Marks: 9/10 (Highest in the class and course) Project 3 Logos Design Project 4 Layout & Illustration (grey marker) GROUP Project 1 Title: Color Culture (magazine) Position: Team Leader Duration: 2 weeks Team Size: 4 Application: Photography,Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop Project 2 Title: Packaging Design (Biscuits) Position: Packaging computerise Designer Duration: 3 weeks Team size: 4 Application: Photography,Adobe Illustrator Project 3 Title: Commercial Design-Travel Agency Position: Team Leader Duration: 3 weeks Team Size: 5 Application: Photography,Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Windows Media Player,Macromedia Flash,Macromedia Dreamweaver HIGHLIGHTS OF PROJECTS DELIVERY (AFTER GRADUATED) COMFORI SDN BHD 1) COMPANY'S IMAGE (LOGO,NAME CARD,BUNTING,FOLDER COVER & ETC) 2) MALAYSIA PROPERTY MARKET- BROCHURE & ADVERTISEMENT (Building & Investment MAGAZINE,JANUARY 2008) 3) SECRETARIES CONFERENCE- BROCHURE & ADVERTISEMENT (CLEO,THE STAR,X-TRA REACH NEWSLETTER,MARCH-APRIL 2008) 4) IN-HOUSE CATALOGUE 5) STANDARDIZING COMPANY'S BROCHURES (ENGINEERING,TECHNICAL,MANAGEMENT,CONFERENCES) 6) Serial Print Ads for the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Exhibition (November 2008) in Genting Highland. 7)GLOBAL RISKTECH CONGRESS 2009 - LOGO,ADVERT (INFOSECURITY MAGAZINE JUNE 2009 EDITION,INTERNATIONAL MARKET MAGZ) 8) NOTES FOLDER, COURSE NOTE HARD COVER, FLYERS (COMPANY PROFILE) LIGHTNING POWER SURGE PROTECTION SDN BHD 1) LOGO 2) NAME CARD 3) FLYERS PUSAT TUISYEN SRI CERDIK 1) POWER POINT PRESENTATION FOR KINDERGARTEN KIDS 2) Handouts Cover Page MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL FASHION ALLIANCE (MIFA) 1) Company's New Image (rebranding logo) 2) Working throughout all the designing work publication: - Brochures - Name Card - Invitation Cards - Light Box Design - Banner design - Magazine Designs - Guidebook Designs 3) Running one of Malaysia's most prestigious galmour event, Malaysia-International Fashion Week 2009 (M-IFW09)


Tunku Abdul Rahman College



Comfori Sdn Bhd 1st chosen staff being awarded as Staff of The Month in December 2008