COVER LETTER: Thank you for considering me and I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Matthew Oddy OBJECTIVE: To always improve myself by finding creative solutions in any given situation. I will maintain high level of competitive and creative thinking, which will propel me forward in my career. PERSONAL QUALITIES and SKILLS I have natural abilities in design and skills that set the stage for me for later education in design-related endeavors. * I have a proven eye for detail and a natural talent for design. * I have the abilities to work quickly and neatly. * I have creative skills as an artist that can bring out forms of emotions and concepts in an original way. * I believe it is important to have an adaptable knowledge of computers and computer-controlled equipment. So that I can achieve a complete understanding of my limitations, and the process in which things are done so that I may work accordingly. * I work very wells with others and take pride in the fact I am part of a team. * I like to carry over my creativity to all aspects of my life, and I am easily inspired to be creative. * I prefer to work hands-on and visually. I find that there is less room for miscommunication that way, which happens easily when dealing with designs or art related projects. I am currently designing for a promotional company. We design and source a large majority of Anheuser Busch's and McKenzies's Hard Cider's promotional items such as t-shirts signs point of sales displays and various other giveaway items. I understand the proofing pricing engineering and manufacturing process that has to takes place when designing a quality product. I am experienced with Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Flexi Composer and Corel Draw. I also have experience with plotters large and small format printers such as the Roland SC-540 Flatbed printers such as the Solara UV2 the Edge vinyl printing and cutting system and some experience with screen printing. I am also familiar with both PC and Mac operating systems.

Work Samples

  • Bauer Hockey Sign

  • Freelance Graffiti

  • Snowboard Design

Work History

  • Install Manager

    • Sign-a-Rama Plaistow

    * Product research * Pre-Install prep. * Customer service * Facility Manager * Stock inventory * Organizing materials * Maintaining equipment * Maintaining shop * Assistant Designer * Pre sales design * Post sales design * Customer service. * Production * Fabrication. * Pre Print prep. * Print / Product application * Sign assembly. * Product researcher. * Ordering materials. * Loon Mountain Ski Resort- Winters of 2004, 2005 and 2006 * Snowboard Instructor * Grounds Keeper * Maintain the parking lots * Trash removal * Snow removal * Valet Parking Manager * Keeping track of customer count. * Keeping track of cash box. * Cashing in and out. * Customer service. * Retrieving cars. * Security Officer * Overnight shift. * Duties Included: * Patrolling Grounds. * Keeping track of people on and in buildings. * Locking up * Guarding promotional equipment. * Supervising cash outs. * Outdoor Adventure Staff * Leading snowshoe day trips. * Leading cross-country skiing day trips. * Distributing the properly sized equipment to customers. * Rock climbing instructor. * Customer service. * YMCA Camp Lincoln, Kingston, N.H.- Summers of 2001 to the Summer of 2006 * Life Guard * Sports Director * Organizing activates and games * Maintain field and equipment * Councilor * Mountain Bike Director * Organize trips * Maintain bike fleet * Teach biking safety * Councilor * Boating Director * Maintain boat fleet * Organize trips * Teach boating safety * Distribute properly sized life vests * Life Guard * Councilor * Off-site Adventure Camping Councilor. * Plan trip * Organize and plan meals * Manage money * Maintain vehicle * Organize and distribute proper equipment based on activity * Councilor

  • Designer

    • Sign-a-Rama Hampton

    * Product research * Proof/Rendering design * Production design * Production

  • Creative services designer

    • Stran Beverage Promotions

    * Designing * Sourcing * Pricing * Production manager * Producing production ready art * Producing samples Logistics * Occasionally assembly *

  • Corporate Chain Account Designer

    • Barlo Signs International

    * Designing * Coordinating with client * Engineering * Creating standards to keep client image consistent * Electronic Message Center Content Manager * Designing Content * Coordinating with client * Uploading and managing content


  • Plymouth State University

    • Studio Art
  • Salem Vocational School

    • Graphic Design
  • Timberlane Regional High School