Olefir Zoya is an artist from Ukraine, who creates interior design and focuses on decorative wall (pannos) works.
Every project is always a unique piece of art which is made in one specimen and is never recreated again.
A successful participation in the auction «Classic. Contemporary. Design » (2010) from the auction house «Golden Section », Ukraine.
Published in the book « Art Wall », 2011 ( publishing house« DOPRESS», China).

Октябрь 2010 - участие и продажа первого в Украине аукциона "Дизайн" ( аукционный дом "Золотое сечение").
Декабрь 2011 - публикация в книге "ART WALL" издательство Dopress Books.
Сентябрь 2012 - финалистка конкурса Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of