Industrial Designer working at EquipHos, The Sarah Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals’ research and design group - Brasília - Brazil. Medical & Hospitalar devices and Rehabilitation Equipments. Research and development on equipment for medical and rehabilitation purpose. Evaluation of customers / patients requirements to detail drawing for production. - Solids modelment skills on SolidWorks CAD Software; - EDEN 350N Rapid Prototype Machine familiarized operation;

Work Samples

  • ESSENCE – Folding Bicycle

  • Dexterous Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis

  • Anti Eschars Air Mattress Command Device

Work History

Industrial Designer - Product Designer. Experienced product designer and project manager, with prototyping and researches abilities. Design expertise, over 15 years of experience, in medical, hospital, laboratory, prosthesis, orthosis and rehabilitation products and devices. Project development from evaluation of customer/patient requirements, passing through brainstorming, to detail drawing for production with prototyping and manufacture knowledge. High skills on SolidWorks, solids modeling, mechanisms of creation and reverse engineering abilities. Technical knowledge, for project design and manufacturing processes, in several materials and manufacture technologies, including: plastic-injection, rapid-prototyping (EDEN350V), vacuum-casting, vacuum-forming, aluminum-casting, milling, welding, woodwork and painting. Some projects among others: - Stand up Riding Wheelchair – Ortomóvel / Orthomobil (Good Design Award of the Chicago Athenaeum 2002 and the iF International Forum Design Award 2004 Hannover). - Pneumatic device for Air Mattress to prevent pressure wounds in patients with spinal cord injury; - Dexterous Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis; - Organic Shape Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis; - Magnetic Resonance Simulator; - Hand Propelled Infant Folding Tricycle; - Ladybug Chair; - Pedagogic Folding Table; - Foot Drawing Table Chair; - Hospitalar Equipments and Rehabilitation Devices; - Auxiliary Locomotion Vehicles for Disable People. 2009 Merit Award IBDC International Bicycle Design Competition - Taiwan Design industry August 2009 From 720 applications, Paulo is one of 21 participants selected worldwide achieveing the 2009 Merit Award. Design Project: ESSENCE - Folding Urban Bicycle It was Paulo's Graduation Project of Bachelorship in Industrial Design / Product Design at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Remaining actual after 18 years up. Designer participant at Brazilian 2nd Biennial of Design Exhibition 2008. Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da República, Esplanada dos Ministérios, Brasília D.F. - Brazil. Designer participant at To.Is GIOCO DESIGN DISABILITÀ Creativity Workshop 2008 at The International UNESCO Creativity Workshop - Innovative Toys for Children with Special Needs - Torino, Italy iF - International Forum Design Award - Hannover iF product design award 2004 Category: Medicine: "Ortomóvel" / Orthomobil EquipHos Design Group member. ( ) GOOD DESIGN 2003 The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. Medical equipment: “Orthomobile” - EquipHos Design Group member. ( )


Escola de Belas Artes - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro



2009 Merit Award at IBDC - International Bicycle Design Competition - Taiwan ESSENCE - Folding Urban Bicycle. iF International Forum Design Award 2004 Hannover. GOOD DESIGN 2001/2002 The Chicago Athenaeum.