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Phone Shade' concept. When you are out the sky reflects on your phone screen making it harder to see, or if you are sitting next to someone and you dont want them to see what you are doing you just flip the sideEnter Your Description Here
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Enter Your Description Hereintroducing my all new invention "X black strip"

This is a half a Cm wide plastic strip that would be put on the black lines on the doors, trunk, bonet and bumper, its purpose is to make the car look smooth removing all the darklines between the door, bumper, trunk and the vihacles body.

Fig (A)
Is the upper view of the strip, inside the plastic.. the red area is a thin aliminium connected to a screw that would be connected to the vihacles body.

Fig (B)
Is the under view of the plastic strip, the red dots are the screws to be connected to the vihacle. With this idea it would be hard to notice the doors, trunk and the bumpers joints/ black lines.
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I love the kids and so i thought of this shoe invention for kids, this kind of invention should be used when the kids go out to play or to school, if it has been invented before tell me, if not well good for me. check it out. :)Enter Your Description Here
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Introducing my 'Adidas bunniy' concept shoe.

[A] is a open zipper.

Below is when zipper is closed.

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